Monday, July 20, 2009

Remember to always say what u mean.If you love someone, tell them.
Dont be afraid to express yourself.Reach out and tell someoone what they mean to ubecause when u decided that it is the right time, it might be too late

Sunday, July 19, 2009


i know mummy is secretly happy today. :)

because i did all the house hold chores( aka houseworks) today. i did all the laundry, swept and mop the floor. most probably cooking a pasta dinner later. I gave my mum a good rest!

well, sundays are always lazy and especially when it rains you just hope to sleep through the whole day..

i love today. ;) everyone is making me happy. :D

Friday, July 17, 2009

friday again.

(edited) school. tanning. shopping.

photos up.

love the sun, although it was only out for 1/2 an hour.
Jemy and i didnt get any tanner, despite laying under the sun for 2 hours.
i need new bikinisssssss. pink ones, red ones, polka dot ones, black ones.

i like this.

like this too. so which one shld i get?

I miss you..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

its not that bad.

minus the fucked up mum, minus the fucked up projects and assignments.. actually im pretty much happy with everything. ;)

Was in an emotional crisis yesterday night, couldn't really think in a clear mind because so many things were happening at one time. My mum definitely played a big role then dad somehow came into the picture, maybe a little of benn affected me as well and also the killer projects and assignments. oh well, life oh life, if it was peaceful and pleasant all the time.. it'll not be called life, it'll be called -after life.

The heavy pour in the morning ruined my tanning date with jemaine. hate the rain on wanting- to- tan- days. * hmph* especially when friends are willing to rot and waste time with you. speaking of which, i have friends as many as my fingers. 10. consisting of good friends, best friends, close friends and not so close friends. not many but definitely not little. :) :) i love all of them, appreciating all they have done..
like how si ning would wash her hands to peel prawns for me, how jason would bear with my girly- unreasonableness, how siang yee would encourage me and listen to me, how nadiah would give me really crap but useful advice, how jierou would share some problems with me and the list goes on and on..

looking at some of my friends too did make me feel contented with what i have.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009


i miss you, daddy.

i really miss you now.

Thank god that tutorial's cancelled so i have an hour more to get ready and at the same time, blog.
life is definitely doing me great now cause' i can almost feel that im the happiest person. =)
new quote from jason: FML. ( haha) total noobness. spare the details because too many things happen in a day.
loves, ( and, misses)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Making days in school fun.



Ha, second from the left.. she's actually my lecturer. baby face.

i'll never ever kiss a dummy ever again.
Whats more he's not fully formed.

Safiah's buttock! hehe.
*squeeshy squashy *

its definitely not any other heart fluttering moments again.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

There's gotta be more to life.

You know sometimes how talking can make such a big impact in you life.

was talking to a friend and it set me thinking. life.. future, relationships, friends, myself, responsibilities and still life.

and when i think back on what i've done before.. i cant help but just laugh over it and at the same time regretting on so many things. Im just glad that now im not regretting about things i've done but just happy that its finally done..

because life is short, i cant afford to miss out on it anymore.

enough about life, its just emo.

I was rather clumsy today. I slipped and fell on a puddle of water, lucky thing my dress didnt fly up and expose my really sexy- grandmother's -skin coloured -underwear. and also because my dress is white today. You never know how embarrassed i was, damn it.

anyways, on the way to school today, i looked at myself from the reflection on the train as it pass by the underground tunnel. Im glad to be myself.. and grateful too. There's one thing that i have to secretly admit, i love my boobs. Im clearly not a small boob-ed girl but not a humongous boob-ed girl either. its just the right size i must admit, *cheeky smile* its good to have flesh at the right parts.

Guys like boobs as much as girls like dicks. ( or maybe its just me, haha. IDK) This is what people call -opposite sex attract.

ps: trying to make the best out of everything.

loves, <3>

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

21 guns.


As i've said before, if i have 2 sons,
i'll name the first Michael and the second Jackson. how cute is that. HAHA.

I know its just the second week of school but i'm starting to feel the stress coming. Year three is just hectic. FYP and more projects basically make up my school time.. after school will be hanging out, most of the time with benn. :)
Finally met Nadiah.. missed her( loads) hehe.

I like how nadiah take paparazzi pictures.

and, fish soup. simple and nice.

Addicted to the song 21 guns now.
What would you do if you have 21 guns?

Sunday, July 05, 2009

First week of school's over.

I cant believe how fast time flies.
Incredibly fast.

First we were talking about graduating from o'levels then now it is graduating from poly.. soon it will be when are we officially starting work.. and it goes on and on and on.


( tanning with Jemaine at sentosa.)

I know i look like crap,
because this was taken straight after napfa.

Trying out si ning's new phone.
I love her camera.

This week was pretty much a fufilling week.
-watched transformers and ice age. ( i was and am still obsessed over Megan Fox)
-had Napfa test
-got back all my test results, glad that i passed all.
-didnt sleep in any lectures too.
next up will be FYP. i know how busy it will be but yeah, just get it over and done with.
absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

when there is love.. i'll be there.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the little thought of the day.

woke up today and some thoughts came to my mind.

I've decided to blog about it.

I was watching this tv show last night. Okay, here it goes. This women was pregnent with twins but in a rare condition that the twins may die inside her womb because of a certain complication. She had to undergo this major operation to save her babies.. Her husband was with her inside the operating theatre but before she was being anaesthetise, her husband said to her: " no matter what happens, you know i love you." and kisses her forehead.

At that instant moment, my eyes were wet with tears. Not tears of sadness, definitely.

I couldnt really fall asleep after watching and so, my mind went wandering and thinking again. Just how great the power of love can be. A mother's love for her babies and the man's love for his wife. Maybe this is what people call being there no matter what. So true love does exist after all.

I dont really understand how a mother feels but caring for mum-to-be's and infants have definitely made me see another side of life. i guess i know why sometimes mum's get so worried over little things which you may not even see it as important.

Its the little things you do everyday make up the greatest thing for you in life. A little of love everyday just made you see how great life can be.

True love does exist. or shall i say, it has never left.
loves' .

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mourning over Michael Jackson. ( still)

Its finally sunday.

Havent blogged for a couple of days. Was really lazy and busy at the same time.
Anyways, hols are officially over when today ends.. glad and not so glad that school's starting. that means work, work and more work.

well, hols are pretty much enjoyable. Went swimming, cooking, more cooking, made a cake ( benn's uber awesome oreo cheesecake, thats what he said) , celebrated Justine's birthday, rot and more rotting. That pretty much sums up this week of holidays, and the recent michael jackson's death.. King Of Pop. The one and only.

i just like his fat, super chubby face. sooo wanna pinch.
Many thoughts these days. Those were positive thoughts, its good i guess. Because now, im feeling light-hearted, a lil happier and maybe a lil' heart fluttering too. Didnt really know what was i thinking a couple of days ago, i guess i need time to settle and think through again.. soooo, its more or less how i want things to be. (now, at least.)
i like how things are now. It makes me happy.

teach me, how to love somebody.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

oh weekend!

Insights: to the east coast beach.

I like family gatherings. Where we would all sit together, enjoy grams cooking and update each other on our current lives.

Sad to say, the bonding where we had together started to fade away..

maybe its because we have our own commitments to make, having lesser time for family.

one week more of holidays.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

my holidays sooo far.

Insights: cooking, swimming and birthday-ing. come on, bring on more fun!

yesterday was horrendous, but fun.
never in my life did i ever cooked a meal of 4 dishes and a soup.
give credits to justine and i. WE DID IT! although the corn soup that we boiled turned out a lil salty.. but yeah, first time anyway. hehe.
i swear, we added water 4 times to the soup because it was too salty.

poor girl.
tearing eyes from cutting the onion.

*random shot*
washing the vegs.

Camwhored. (as usual)

my favourite omellete.
with ham slice and cut mushrooms!



Justine's mushrooms.. she fried it with butter.

then it was our new invention. =)
lets see.. marinate the chicken with this sauce which i forgot and some salt,butter, put it in a aluminium foil and wrap it.
Put in the toaster or oven and bake for about 20mins.

This is my favourite.
We decided to add honey. OMG, it's heaven!

Swimming in the afternoon.
But more of cam whoring instead.

Then it was mike's birthday celebration over at naddie's place.
STEAMBOAT. haha. love the clams.

unglam shot.

The cake.

and finally, on our way home..

enjoying my hols.